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  • 7 out of 10 employers have seen a rise in poor mental health within the past year (prior to any statistics relating to the CV19 pandemic)

  • Poor mental health costs employers up to £1,716 per employee

  • Presenteeism (working at a reduced level of productivity due to poor mental health) is costing employers more and is on the rise 

  • Pressure, burnout and lack of support are the most cited reasons for poor mental health from employees

  • Employers see a 5:1 ROI when they invest in the mental health of their workforce

Taken from ‘Mental health and employers: Refreshing the case for investment’ (Deloitte, 2020)


What We Do?

We draw from our range of experience and expertise within mental health to work with leaders, managers and staff within Fife to help create psychologically safe working environments where wellbeing and performance can thrive.


What is psychologically safety?

Research has described psychological safety as an employee’s ‘perception of the consequences of taking interpersonal risk’ (p. 23, Edmundson & Lei, 2014). 

Depending on how employees perceive the environment and the quality of the relationships around them, they may open up and share innovative or critical ideas, or they may keep them to themselves, worried and scared of being scalded by those around and above them.

An organisation that prizes psychological safety is one which learns from failures, sees higher engagement from employees, shares ideas across teams and benefits from greater levels of creativity in the face of problems. This means that employees can verbalise difficulties around workload, priorities and other relationships, therefore minimising the impact of workplace stressors on poor mental health whilst maintaining productivity (Swendiman et al., 2019).

Crucially, psychological safe workplaces are not “soft”. Recognised by the likes of Google, Pixar and Spotify, psychologically safe workplaces are honest, trusting, adaptable and ultimately, productive.

What does It Involve?

Nothing we do with businesses is of the shelf. Instead, we work with you to understand your needs and expectations before designing any interventions. 

We’re also as eager as you to demonstrate ROI and make a meaningful difference. Therefore, we are keen to work with you to define the relevant data points that would best represent a psychologically safe working environment within your organisation’s unique culture. We will then use these data points as a baseline and check in on them throughout and at the end of any intervention.

Delivery of the interventions themselves are flexible. For some, guidance is all that’s needed once we have a baseline understanding of your organisation, where interventions are led by managers and supervisors. For others, it may involve a range of workshops or coaching sessions with key members of staff. 

Our service really is flexible and shaped around you and your organisation. 


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