Clients & Students

"I have learned to break the cycle of dark thoughts that I have, FEAT have shown me a great way to change my thought process and change my outlook on life"

"I feel FEAT's Mindfulness course is allowing me to live my life with much more ease and acceptance in turn giving me hope for the future, for a calmer and more enjoyable life."

“I have a feeling and sense of positivity and the notion that I can overcome my obstacles. FEAT helped me increase my self-awareness and feel as though I have become more empowered and in control of my own future.”   


“I have realised my strong points which are my driving force for the future…I am more focused and have a more positive outlook in life”   


“I have increased self-awareness, confidence and sense of hope.”   

"FEAT do great work and I am incredibly grateful and very happy to have been a part of it.  Their programmes help people to help themselves.” 


NHS Mental Health Professionals: “Lots of our patients have been discharged whilst doing the programme because they really are ready to move on."   

“One woman we referred had been a carer for her mother for a long time and was practically a hostage: she had very few opportunities to do her own thing, then her mother passed away and after support through FEAT, she’s been holding down a volunteering position for several months.” 

“Another man had been through several Occupational Therapy groups and we were struggling to know what to do with him next.  He had no confidence and awful anxiety which meant he had been stuck for years. We referred him to FEAT and it was amazing to see him make a presentation to a room full of people.  He is now looking to work within the NHS.” 

Partners and Professionals

Dr Clare Reeder, King's College, London, "FEAT have the most innovative, forward thinking and well developed CRT (cognitive remediation therapy) programmes I've seen, certainly in the UK, but actually across the world."

Dr Jean McQueen, Independent Evaluator of Fife IPS Service, October 2018: "Clients and employers interviewed as part of the review spoke positively of the service. Clients welcomed the personalised nature of the support given and the in-work action plans the service helped then develop. They spoke freely about how the service has helped build resilience, confidence and coping mechanisms. Clients valued time spent dealing with the stress of interviews, how to cope on your first day of work, explaining gaps in their employment history, dealing with the financial aspects and benefits.  The service has impressive job outcomes reporting a 57% job conversion rate. Employers valued the relationship they developed with the staff and this has helped them to adopt strategies that will help clients recruited sustain employment. Fife IPS Service has reached the "exemplary" status."

Stephen Gethins, MP for North East Fife, "FEAT does great work supporting local people with mental health issues, in particular, into work and skills development, and I know this work is a key priority in Fife Council’s Economic Development Strategy."

Case Studies

Amy is 16 years old and was referred to Employ your Mind (EYM) by her link person at the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), following an unsuccessful attempt at a CAMHS Anxiety Management Group. She had not been attending school for approx. 2 years due to severe anxiety,  where she found it difficult to be around people her own age and could find it difficult to leave her home.  As a result Amy relied on her mum taking her places. Amy began to attend the phase 1 appointments at EYM, which involved her mum committing to a return trip of 90mins for Amy to be able to attend.

Amy could identify her anxieties, and knew she was having difficulty being around people of her own age, and very much felt that the option of employment or education was something that she would be unable to cope with.

Her NHS link person was keen to support her work on some ‘bus training’ to enable her to become more independent and socially active, however Amy was reluctant to work through this. 

Throughout EYM Amy grew in confidence and with time and support, began to feel more comfortable being around other people her age. She was committed to attending the course and as a result had excellent attendance and became a lot more focussed on goals she had set herself. She was keen to work towards learning to drive, but anxious about the process that this involved. One of her biggest barriers was around the theory test. She was confident about her driving knowledge but was experiencing a lot of anxiety around having to go to an unknown environment and be surrounded by people who would be her own age. EYM staff worked on coping strategies learned in CRT, that she could use to help her through this part of the test.

Within 3 months, Amy had passed not only her theory test but also driving test, and bought herself a small car. She began to reflect on the process of learning, feeling anxious but working with these feelings and the importance of not avoiding or distancing herself form her hopes and goals.  Very quickly she began to identify that her confidence had grown, and she had new independence, however she began to realise a car was an expensive commodity. As a result this motivated Amy to begin to consider employment and see this as a real option for her - something which she believed she could now achieve, and as a result began to look into part time paid positions. 

At the start of EYM, discussing a work experience placement with Amy appeared to heighten her anxiety, however as she continued on the course, she started to say that she would like to try a placement and was keen to be working with animals. Amy started her placement working at a Cat Shelter- initially needing support from staff to attend, but very quickly being able to attend independently and only requiring encouragement. During her time on placement she has demonstrated that she is reliable and a lot more confident at being around and speaking to others. She has also been able to drive herself to her placement which is approx. 30mins drive from her home town, and she has pushed herself out her comfort zone. Both Amy and her parents have identified the positive changes she has experienced over recent months, and that she feels she has more direction for her future.

Parents Feedback

“Sarah is a changed girl since starting the EYM course last year, she is so much more confident and has a focus on her future and knows what she wants to do. She had a college interview today and has been offered a place. The interview process alone would have been unthinkable before FEAT. She is keen to do a work placement and also her lifeguarding course. She is looking forward to being a mentor and helping other young people on the EYM course. Hopefully she will have the time!!!! She has sent away for her provisional driving licence and can’t wait to learn. She has been able to visit to school nurse at the doctor’s surgery and catch up on all her missed inoculations which she couldn’t face before. You have all turned Sarah’s life around and helped her find a positive path. I have never doubted Sarah’s ability, but now she can see this for herself and seeing her with this confidence and focus for the future is amazing. Thank you all so much for your time and effort. It is appreciated so much.”

“Very positive impact. I am pleased with David’s progress. Medications have helped also tremendously and he is now quite looking forward to going to college, whereas before he would not entertain the thought at all! But he was very ill at that point in time. He has gained much confidence over the past year also and I am very grateful for the impact of EYM and CAMHS – thank you all very much. David too has enjoyed his time at FEAT and I am sure he will be quite sorry to leave!”