Help Our Cause!

At FEAT, we want to leave a legacy of a mentally-healthy population, living in a world without stigma. 

As a charity, we rely heavily on grant funding & donations, and there many ways you can donate to us in your lifetime including using easyfundraising or when you shop online and using easysearch or everyclick as your internet search engine.  If you have a facebook account, visit our page and press "donate".  You can also donate directly via PayPal's Giving Fund

If you buy or sell on Amazon you can also donate a percentage of your sale or purchase price to us, but if you're not comfortable with online donations, you can also send cheques to Fife Employment Access Trust to support our work, or drop in contributions personally to our offices.   

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Leave your Legacy

You can also leave your own legacy to support our future aims - by leaving us a gift in your will.  By writing a will, you can ensure the things you value most continue to be cared for after you are gone. Once you have looked after family and friends, please consider remembering FEAT in your will.  The frequently asked questions about these legacies are listed below.

What is a gift in a will?

A gift in a will or a legacy is an amount of money or property left in a will.

How will a gift in my will help FEAT?
Supporters who remember FEAT with a gift in their will make a huge difference to the organisation. By supporting FEAT in this way, you can contribute to the full spectrum of our work, from preventative activities to help people gain resilience and strategies to self-manage their mental health through to helping people with complex, severe and enduring conditions to flourish in the workplace. You may also wish to specifically support our developments at Silverburn Estate in Leven.  If you do remember us in your will, please consider pledging because knowing in advance about potential bequests means we can thank you in your lifetime, though of course we will respect your privacy fully and you may keep full anonymity if you prefer.

Isn’t this just for the wealthy?

Not at all. You do not need to own a property to leave a gift in a will, nor do you need to have savings or an investment portfolio. Writing your will presents an opportunity to remember a cause close to your heart and ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death.

£150, for example, would help us to employ a professional mental health specialist for a day, and £600 would allow us to run an 8-week Mindfulness course. At FEAT, all contributions are gratefully received and will be used to develop our range of services.

Why do I need a will?
Without a will, it is the law that determines what happens to your money, property and possessions.  With a will, it is you that is in charge of who receives what. Some people also choose to leave instructions like their funeral wishes in their will.

How do I get a will written and how much does it cost?
We recommend you consult your solicitor to ensure your will is up to date, legally binding and accurately reflects your wishes.Costs can vary and start at about £125.  You should always consult with your family too before making any gift in your will and take advice from friends or specialists such as Citizens Advice.  "Home made" wills are discouraged by professionals as your wishes could be considered ambiguous when discussed in your absence.

Can you explain the different types of gifts in wills?
You can leave a sum of money, a percentage of your estate or a specific item.

Where can I get more information?
There are also many guides on the internet to help you. These include:

The Law Society of Scotland’s Guide

Money Saving Expert’s Guide

FEAT don't have experts in-house to advise you or provide further information about the legal process of leaving a gift in your will, but we can explain in further detail the type of activities that we would deliver with a gift.


You can also donate via our dedicated Everyclick page - choose a one-off or monthly donation or via our 'Give us you Live'  page