What Is It?

EYM is an innovative project run in partnership between Fife Employment Access Trust (FEAT) and Fife Health & Social Care Mental Health Services. It is an interactive course focusing on personal development and employability and is aimed at adults in Fife who have severe and enduring mental health conditions and who have multiple barriers to entering or returning to the work place.  


How Might It Help Me?

The course aims to improve confidence, personal development, and provide individuals with opportunities to think about their personal goals, linked to their future well-being including leisure, volunteering and work related activities.

A key component of the success of the programme has been embedding cognitive remediation therapy (CRT) within each phase, an evidence-based therapy that uses games as a way of developing strategies to overcome daily challenges and difficulties.

How Much/ Often Would I Engage With It?

The programme lasts for approximately 6 months. EYM has 4 phases of 6-weeks and is delivered at FEAT's offices in Glenrothes, but also in community venues across Fife. The first 6 weeks sessions are individual appointments once per week, then it progresses onto small group sessions 2-3 times per week (each session approx. 2hrs) 


How Do I Get Involved?

EYM is a partnership project between Fife Employment Access Trust (FEAT) and Fife Health & Social Care Mental Health Services. This partnership is important to your success in the project. Participants on the course are required to have current input from a mental health care team whether that be occupational therapy or a community mental health team. The EYM team and your mental health worker support you to achieve your goals. If you are interested in this course speak to your mental health professional as there may be other people under the care of that team who may benefit from this course. 

EYM are also starting to expand their partners for example ‘Veterans F1irst Point’ and ‘DAPL’ so if you do not have NHS support but get support (with your mental health) from another project please contact us